Monday, February 20, 2012

One Day Kevin Durant Can be the next Carmelo....If things work out

Recently, RFH founding member Charlie Widdoes wrote a beautiful piece on on the true hoop network about the NBAs current bout of "Linsanity". Unfortunately, there is a dark undercurrent to "Linsanity", a character assassination of one of the great NBA players, Carmelo Anthony. There is no denying that Anthony's career with the Knicks has been tumultuous, and there is a chance that it is just not a great fit. What is surprising, however, is that Anthony is being labeled as selfish loser despite an extensive career proving the exact opposite. Making the Anthony bloodbath even worse is the media's obsession with Kevin Durant, who in many ways is more of a selfish loser than Anthony will ever be. Lets take a look at the careers of both of these superstars.
Hang in there Melo you winning machine

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mea What????? Why Von Miller is Still Overrated

Sometimes it is hard to acknowledge a defeat. I am still grappling with a one goal loss to Providence Country Day in 7th grade soccer (I know embarrassing). The one good thing is that I didn't have to deal with any type of disappointment during this years NFL season. Both the owners and the players should be embarrassed. Losing 9 billion in revenue and an entire season of playing is just not okay. As a Patriots fan I am extra angry because this is just another year (2007 & 2008 being the other two) of Tom Brady's career that is lost. Since I am so angry I decided to act like a bully and take out my anger on someone who is weaker than me.....Von Miller.
I remember my first coverage sack....loser
My hatred for Von Miller is well documented. Instead of just ranting again, I decided go back and see how Miller did regarding my analysis that he was overrated and deserved a 2nd round grade.

Reason #1Von Miller still sucks SizeAs a 3-4 outside linebacker Miller is grossly undersized. Standing at 6’2 and weighing 237 Miller is too light to play the 7 technique in the NFL. 

The number one problem with being undersized is that you wear down during the course of the season. Miller showed that he simply could not stay productive as the season wore on. The statistics back this up.