Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cool story, Hansel

The other day I went on a tour of the White House.  I saw a lot of the rooms named after colors, the hallway in which the president announced that we got bin Laden, the state dining room and I even got to pet the pup that Sasha and Malia play with every afternoon.  Pretty cool stuff.  But the best part was talking to the security guards, all of who double as tour guides and know the place inside and out.  As I was leaving the grounds, my friend and I were marveling at all the security and one of the guards overheard us.  We're both 6'6" so the guy jumps into a story he figures we both might be interested in:

-- You guys know Shaq?

-- Yeah

-- Well every time he's in town, he comes to the White House, walks right up to the side of the gate, and asks if he can go in and say hi to the President.  Just say hi.

Can I come over and play?

-- No way, that's pretty cool.  Do you guys let him in?

-- Yeah, Shaq has always gotten in.  Every time they let him come in and meet the president.  Except a couple weeks ago.  President Obama is locking down on security and he said no, the big fella couldn't come it.  Shaq couldn't believe it.

Huh?  What's that? Shaq wants to get in here? OK, tell him to step his game up and get a ring, then he can step inside.  Sip on that, ShaqFu!!!
Enjoy retirement, Shaq.


John Hendrie said...

This makes so much sense. Davey and I actually saw Shaq on Conan the other day and he was saying he went up to the White House security guards and they said:

"Hey what's up Shaq, sorry you can't come in today"

We both were laughing about how casual it was. It all makes sense now.

Sumner Widdoes said...

All we do at the RFH Collective is hard-hitting investigatory journalism. Just trying to pull my own weight.

Ed said...

I can just imagine Shaq picking everything up in the Oval Office asking "What's this?" and Obama just sighing and mashing his forehead is his palms.