Friday, April 1, 2011

Dave's Top 50 Big Board

: This Big Board is suspenseful from start until end. I have tried to incorporate as many player comparisons as possible but trailed off in that regard as I went later on in my big board. Two themes have ruled the day in my draft, UNC and Iowa. Both of these teams underachieved during the season but have great, NFL-ready defensive players. Notable overrated players: Von Miller (McShay 2, Hendrie 34), Daquan Bowers (McShay 4, Hendrie 15), Blaine Gabbert (McShay 6, Hendrie 32),Aldon Smith (McShay 16, Hendrie 35),Jimmy Smith (McShay 22, Hendrie 40) and Tyron Smith (McShay 11, Hendrie NR) . Notable underrated players: Robert Quinn (Hendrie 1, McShay 7), Marvin Austin (Hendrie 14, McShay NR),Muhamed Wilkerson (Hendrie 7, McShay 21), Adrian Claybourn (Hendrie 8, McShay 19), and Cam Hayward (Hendrie 19, 32).
1. Robert Quinn- Love his motor and animalistic nature. Player comparison would be a hybrid between Javon Kearse and Mario Williams.
2. Patrick Peterson- Worst Case scenario is that you have a top ten corner and a spectacular special teamer. Player comparison poor man’s Neon Deion.
3. Marcel Dareus- Great POA. Versatile, winner, and could be solid as either a 3 or a 5 technique.  Lacking the “star” potential of the two above him. Player comparison Ty Warren.
4. Julio Jones- Speed, Strength and blocking make him a future superstar. Hands are an issue but the blocking is just too amazing. Mix between Keyshawn Johnson and TO
5. Nick Fairly- This is the first person on my big board I am not 100% sold on. In the right situation he can be disruptive but he could be a William Joseph 2.0 candidate. Most likely I think he could follow in the footsteps of Gerald McCoy.
6. Prince Akumara- His ball skills and instincts are great. Not the most fluid hip movement I have ever seen but should be able to compensate. Best case scenario he is the next Chuck Woodson. Worst Case scenario he is Antrell Rolle (still not that bad).
7. Muhamed Wilkerson- His Penn State game showed that he has the potential to be a young Richard Seymour. The only reason I don’t have him higher is because of his small college pedigree. Grossly undervalued at this point.
8. Adrian Clayborn- I worry about his endurance and my roommate (big Iowa fan) is not extremely high on him but I still love his fundamentals. Player Comparison Kevin Carter.
9. A.J. Green- Complete package. Will be a potential weapon for any team. Player comparison Santonio Holmes.
10. Cam Newton- The enigma of the draft is here because of potential only. The situation will dictate whether the 10 spot is either way too high or low. If he goes to the spread and can manage a game I see shades of a young Big Ben.
11. Gabe Carimi- Pro bowl level guard or RT right now. The reason why he is 11 is due to the fact that he might not have the quickness to play LT making his value not as high. Looks like a better put together Andre Smith.
12. Mark Ingrahm- Pedigree, smarts, vision, balance, power. The meat half of meat and potatoes looks like he will have a great 4-6 year window. I worry about his durability with the way that he runs. Player comparison is a harder Rahard Mendenhall.
13. Corey Luiget- Penetrating force who makes plays. Potential to turn into a Corey Simon level player in 2-3 years.
14. Marvin Austin- He would be a top ten pick if it wasn’t for some problems with the NCAA. He is great at the POA, demands a double, makes the occasional splash play, and has EXCELLENT endurance for a 300 plus guy.
15. Daquan Bowers- horribly overrated at this time but still has a nose for the ball. Could end up as a big Robert Mathis in the best case scenario. More likely he is a slightly less inconsistent Gaines Adams.

16. J.J. Watt- He is big and hard-nosed which could make him a good 5 technique end. Can’t imagine too much explosiveness from the edge though. Right now he is about 5 spots overated on most boards. Looks like he could be a poor man's Shaun Ellis.
17. Anthony Castonzo- Love guys who get better and Castonzo did it for 4 straight years at B.C. He will be a solid top 18 LT for the next 10 years. Would love if the Pats got him. Looks like a Lomas Brown type of career.
18. Mike Pouncey- Just a shade worse then Carimi and Castonzo, Pouncey could still be a stud interior O-line player. He has been durable and versatile playing at the highest level of college football. That combined with his brothers (overated) success makes him a safe mid 1st round pick. Player comparison is obvious.
19. Cameron Hayward- great all around player with solid experience. Wont make too many flash plays but will be a great starter for at least 8 years.
20. Ryan Kerrigan- J.J Watt called and wants his game back. Like the motor but will not turn into a pro-bowl player. Would be OK with picking him at this part of the 1st round.
21. Ryan Mallet- I have him ahead of both Locker and Gabbert. The reason is because of his productivity in the best league in college football.
22. Stephen Paea- Great penetrator and motor. Will make plays in the league for a long long time. Not loving the PAC-10 pedigree.
23. Nate Solder- Love his length and hands but looks like a wideout. Not sure how his career could end but has some great fundamentals if you ask me. High risk, high reward pick.
24. Justin Houston- Couldn’t ask for better fundamentals. SEC outside backer who has been productive. This will be an anti-bust pick.
25. Cameron Jordan- PAC-10 pedigree gives me the jitters but love how he has NFL lineage and was productive while in college.
26. Brandon Harris- Love university of Miami athletes. At the very least will be a good special teams player right away. He can also cover so I look for him to transition from solid nickel to starting corner in year 2.
27. Phil Taylor- great anchor as a 1 technique. Could make a variety of 3-4 teams looking for a good nose very happy. These big daddys can always be risky though. Need to keep him out of the Texas meat market buffets.
28. Leonard Hankerson- Great hands, good speed, great route runner. If he had played with a good QB he would be a top 15 pick.
29. Allen Bailey- Love him as a 3-4 end. If the Pats get him I would be very happy. Undervalued at this point.
30. Titus Young- Will be a very productive WR in the league for a long time. Winner who has underrated intangibles.
31. Jake Locker- Get measurable. Much like Gabbert will need a year or two to grow. Lucky for him he may get the chance. Wouldn’t hate this pick by a team that had an aging QB if they did it in the late first early 2nd.
32. Blaine Gabbert- Rocket Arm but could have been better in college. What he needs right now is 1 to 2 years as a backup but wont get it based on how high people have him going. Player comparison is a soft Chad Henne.
33. Rahim Moore- Only safety I have with a first round grade. Had a great year two years ago but his productivity dropped off in 2010. He has a nose for the ball, however, which I like in the modern NFL.
34. Von Miller- Mark my words. HE IS NOT A 1ST ROUND TALENT. Corey Moore called and wants his mojo back.
35. Aldon Smith- A taller, less productive version of Miller. Grossely overated at this point but could be a starter 2-3 years down the road.
36. John Baldwin- Like the fundamentals. Has a bad attitude is why I have Young and Hankerson ahead of him.
37. Ben Ilijana- Can play multiple positions and is a great athlete. I love mid-major Oline.
38. Akeem Ayers- Could make a cover 2 team very happy and will be a solid special teams player. Overatted at this point though.
39. Derick Sharrod- I don’t love guys from Miss State playing the most intelligent position in football but I do love a true Road grader. He needs to be in the right situation.
40. Jimmy Smith- I know that athletic corners are hard to come by but I just don’t think that he grades out as a 1st round talent.
41. Ras-I-Dowling- Pretty much in the same category as Jimmy Smith.
42. Bruce Carter- Part of the UNC gang that I love. He can run and tackle with any of the backers ahead of him.
43. Marcus Cannon- Love his road grading talent. Also is a winner at the college level which I adore in an interior Oline.
44. Christian Ponder- I like him as a developmental product. He get better every year in college and is tough. Could end up being the second best QB in this draft.
45. Ryan Williams- Productive in college. Don’t love the fumbling problems but is a good back at a quality institution.
46. Stephen Wisniewski- Pedigree, and versatility make him a good second rounder.
47. Carl Klug- Iowa basher will make a 3 tackle rotation any day of the week.
48. Christian Ballard- Put him here just so he could be next to his D-Line Mate. Ferentz What!
49. Daniel Thomas- Bill Snyder backs are always high in my book especially ones as productive as Thomas.
50. Mikel Leshoure- Overrated at this point. Didn’t like what I saw in the Illini-Missouri game this year.

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John Hendrie said...

Davey's Big Board.

Excellent. Love how drastically you buck the system. You take McShay’s Board and turn it on its head.


- Robert Quinn: He can stand up or put his hand down. Thick chested. Derrick Thomas.

- Patrick Peterson: Just heard he has slightly tight hips. I froze with fear. Never like to hear that. Terrence Newman or Troy Vincent but with punt return skills.

- Julio Jones: If he ends up on the Vikings, I would fake a pulled hammy if I was an opposing CB. If you get loose from Keyshawn Jr., then you have the privilege of tackling Adrian Peterson.

- Nick Fairley: Gerald McCoy or Tommie Harris. He obviously should have been a sooner.

- Prince Amukamara: Tebucky Jones with insane ball skills.

- Adrian Clayborn is way too high. Your Ferentz love has blinded you.

- AJ Green: Poor Man’s Calvin Johnson or Carl Pickens.

- Mark Ingram: Harder Emmitt Smith.

- I threw up in my mouth a little bit when you compared the great Corey Simon to some guy that played at Illinois. Peter Warrick would pistol whip you if he ever heard you make that comparison.

- Marvin Austin: A slightly smaller Kelly Gregg.

- Bowers at #15? I have reservations as well but he was the #1 HS player in the country and destroyed the SEC last year. That means you’re a top 10 player.

- Cameron Heyward: Now we know what Iron Head Heyward would have looked like as a DE. Hugh Douglas with more size.

- Interesting decision to put Mallet as your first QB. I’d rather have Jim Abbott play QB for me than an Arkansas grad.

- Solder has fallen big time on your board. What happened? Hopefully your relationship ended amicably.

- Brandon Harris will be a force in the red zone. Similar to a washed up Ty Law.

- Jimmy Smith is a top 15 talent if he didn’t have baggage. The CB’s this year have great size. Natural selection at work. Teams pass more, therefore teams use bigger, better athletes to defend it.

- Ras I-Dowling pretty much the same as Jimmy Smith?: Mr. Dowling, I served with Jimmy Smith, I knew Jimmy Smith, Jimmy Smith was a friend of mine. Mr. Dowling, you sir are no Jimmy Smith. (Lloyd Bentson voice).

- Christian Ponder: How exactly is he different from Sanzhise?

- No Chris Carter (OLB, Fresno) on your Big Board or my Mock. If Pat Hill wasn’t currently either at a dog fight or a dirt farm recruiting beasts, he would smack us both around.