Friday, April 1, 2011

John's Mock Draft

1.) Carolina – Blaine Gabbert
- Most obscure 1st pick since David Carr. Probably a terrible pick. Gotta go QB though.
2.) Denver – Von Miller
- I hate him. Lacks a position. Too small to get to the QB consistently at this level. Worst top-2 picks in awhile.
3.) Buffalo – Cam Newton
- Chan Gailey. Spread Offense. Perfect fit. Cam and Spiller give them SEC/ACC speed and elusiveness.
4.) Cincinnati – AJ Green
- TOcho era is over. Need a #1 WR.
5.) Arizona – Patrick Peterson
- Best player available. Cards now have a few good young corners. Great pick.
6.) Cleveland – Marcel Dareus
- Alabama Beast. Plays in any defense.
7.) San Fran – JJ Watt
- Upset Pick. Way too high. Harbaugh falls in love with his motor, productiveness and race.
8.) Tennessee - Nick Fairley
- Boom or bust pick. He’s too light in the pants and only had one good year. Animal though. TEN is now stacked again on the DL. What else is new.
9) Dallas - Tyron Smith
- Jerry Jones breaks streak and finally takes a much-needed OT. Smith is way too skinny and never played LT at USC. Good potential, however.
10.) New England from Washington (for 17, 60 and 124) – Robert Quinn
- Best player in the draft. LT and Peppers also hail from UNC. Look out.
11.) Houston – Nate Solder
- Pretty much the white version of Tyron Smith. Good potential. Davey loves “his huge hands.” Take that as you will.
12.) Minnesota – Julio Jones
- Rice might be gone. Great value pick. Sucks for Jones with their QB situation.
13.) Detroit - Prince Amukamara
- Great pick. Schwartz always takes best available. Just so happens it fills a need. INT machine.
14.) St. Louis – DaQuan Bowers
- Huge fall. I almost put him #2 so obviously he is hard to predict. Unfortunately for STL I fear he is Gaines Adams Jr. I never discount a pass-rush freak until I see them fail, however.
15.) Miami – Jake Locker
- They hate Henne. Bad pick. Owner pick. Looking for face of the franchise.
16.) Jacksonville – Mike Pouncey
- Brad Meester is old. Go for the local talent to maybe sell some tickets. I wish he cold play with his bro.
17.) Washington from New England – Ryan Kerrigan
- Best available. He and Orakpo could cause problems for the NFC East O-lines.
18.) San Diego – Gabe Carimi
- Plays Tackle and Guard and is mean. AJ Smith pick.
19.) NYG – Mark Ingram
- Weird choice. But I like it. Ingram is smart as a whip, mean, never falls and his old man won a super bowl for the G-men.
20.) Tampa Bay – Cameron Jordan
- They need someone who can get to the QB. Best available. Need an outside presence. Too bad he played out west.
21.) Kansas City – Adrian Clayborn
- Pass rush DE. Played for Ferentz. Sounds right.
22.) Indianapolis – Anthony Castonzo
- Great pick. Hails from O-line U. Smart and agile.
23.) Philadelphia - Derrok Sharrod
- Huge O-lineman. Andy Reid. Match made in heaven. Philly needs pass protection.
24.) New Orleans – Akeem Ayers
- Hate this pick. Typical skinny Pac-10 defender. Saints are weird like that.
25.) Seattle – Aldon Smith
- Secretly like this player despite the fact he’s skinnier than Jeremy Lamb. Will undoubtedly underachieve under Carroll, like most.
26.) Baltimore - Brandon Harris
- Upset pick. Newsome loves the U. Harris is big, athletic and plays the ball well.
27.) Atlanta – Kyle Rudolph
- Maybe the worst pick yet. Gonzalez is old and Dimitrioff wants to be Belichick (multiple TE’s).
28.) Arizona from New England (2012 1st Rounder and #69) – Ryan Mallett
- Highway robbery. Top-5 2012 pick for us. Mallett intrigues them because he’s stupid and lazy just like Leinart.
29.) Chicago – Corey Liuget
- Local boy. Beast inside on the D-line. Tommie Harris is on his way out.
30.) NYJ – Justin Houston
- Anti-Gholston. Not much upside. But a SEC beast who played in the 3-4. Solid starter.
31.) Pittsburgh – Phil Taylor
- Hampton Jr. Great pick. Tomlin makes him a vicious destroyer.
32.) Green Bay – Mikel Leshoure
- Running back insurance from the Big-10. Decent value for a team with pretty much everything.

2nd Round

33.) New England - Muhammed Wilkerson
- Absolute steal. Hurts people for a living. Can’t have too many D-Lineman.
34.) Buffalo – Brooks Reed
- Maybin sucks. Need some sacks. White people are always popular in Buffalo.
35.) Cincinnati – Andy Dalton
- Successor to Palmer. Red hair makes him perfect for the Bengals.
36.) Denver – Rahim Moore
- Good value. Replaces Dawkins. Best safety this year.
37.) Cleveland – Cameron Heyward
- Local stud. Love this pick. He and Dareus will make their line great.
38.) Arizona – Jon Baldwin
- Two Pitt receivers. Awesome.
39.) Tennessee – Jimmy Smith
- Another boom or bust pick. If they both work out, they win the entire draft.
40.) Dallas – Aaron Williams
- Local kid. Versatile. Need DB help.
41.) Washington – Ryan Williams
- Young back. Too bad everyone else on O is old.
42.) Houston – Marcus Cannon
- TCU guard. Absolute road-grader. And local.
43.) Minnesota – Ben Ijalana
- Versatile O-lineman. Need some athleticism. Loadholt and McKinney make are stiffs.
44.) Detroit – Stehen Paea
- Scwartz loves him. Strong as an ox and Samoan. Perfect
45.) San Francisco – Christian Ponder
- Harbaugh thinks he can mold him. I actually kind of like him.
46.) Denver – Colin Kaepernick
- Huge potential. Elway wants his own QB.
47.) St. Louis - Stephen Wisniewski
- Too small for 1st round. But smart and quick. His old man was named to all-90’s team.
48.) Oakland – Torrey Smith
- Fast and big. Typical Terrapin. Al Davis salivates over him.
49.) Jacksonville – Jerrel Jernigan
- Small school (Troy) and a position of need. Jax all the way.
50.) San Diego – Leonard Hankerson
- Sleeper WR from the U. AJ Smith pick big time.
51.) Tampa Bay – Allen Bailey
- Another pass-rusher with Jordan. Just like last year with McCoy and Price. Doubling-up on DE’s this year.
52.) NYG – Sam Acho
- Pretty sure they are required to draft someone who can get to the QB. Too bad he’s soft.
53.) Indianapolis – Titus Young
- Peyton will make him great.
54.) Philadelphia – Brandon Burton
- Philly loves corners and Hobbs retired. Utah is an underrated program.
55.) Kansas City – Christian Ballard
- Ferentz pick again. Iowa=KC. They now have a stacked D-Line.
56.) New Orleans – Daniel Thomas
- Assuming they lose Bush. Solid back.
57.) Seattle – Ras I-Dowling
- Used to be rated much higher. Can run well. CB’s are important. Seattle needs them.
58.) Baltimore – Jabaal Sheard
- Decent guy off the edge. Newsome needs reassurance in case Kindle never pans out.
59.) Atlanta – Drake Nevis
- LSU DT. Can’t really hate it.
60.) New England – Bruce Carter
- Sneaky great pick. UNC DE/OLB who would have gone top-20 had he not hurt his knee. Belichick has a history of drafting hurt guys (Gronk, Tate).
61.) San Diego – Danny Watkins
- Huge Baylor Guard. He and Carimi mean the Chargers are going to run Mathews hard.
62.) Chicago – Ahmad Black
- Teams up with Major Wright again. Sucks for Sam Bradford’s receivers.
63.) Pittsburgh – Marvin Austin
- HUGE pick. Black Aaron Smith. Tomlin now has a young D-line. The Rooney’s smile.
64.) Green Bay – Chris Carter
- Maybe an OLB opposite Mathews.
Pats' three 3rd Rounders: John Moffit, Jacquizz Rodgers, Jerrell Powe

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Dave Hendrie said...

Best Drafts in that scenario
1. New England- Quinn, Carter, Wilkerson and highway robbery with ARZ.

2. Steelers- Phil Taylor, Marvin Austin (Fantastic killers)

3. San Diego- Carimi and Watkins = Matthews hitting 1500 and Hankerson is a sleeper (Vincent Jackson 2.0?)

4. Colts- Costanzo (need+value) and Titus Young (as a pats fan already part of my 15 yards down the middle nightmares)

5. Detroit- Akumara and Paea make that defense a top 10 unit for the next decade

Worst Drafts
1.Denver- Von Miller (bahahaa), Rahim Moore (bahaha). I had this at 4 until I just read their two picks.

2. Carolina- No second rounders (haha) and taking Gabbert 1 might go down as the worst draft ever.

3. San Fransico- JJ Watt and Christian Ponder are a solid wedge-buster holder combo but not a good 1st and 2nd round combo. Sad to see after last years tone setting draft (Davis and Iupati)

4. Seattle- Aldon Smith, Ras-I-Dowling. I penciled in Seattle in this spot before reading John's Mock. These are pretty good picks if you are doing a Madden Fantasy Draft.

5. Miami- Jake Locker and no 2.