Friday, April 1, 2011

Draft Steal: Marvin Austin

 "I may look tired but I actually play over 75% of snaps".

 The first in my series of "Draft Steals" is Marvin "Anchorman" Austin. This Tar Heel is receiving a 2nd round grade by most at this point but is a 1st round talent in my book. Lets look at why.

Endurance: Austin has an uncanny ability to stay on the field. In fact, during 5 games of the 2009 season (at Connecticut, versus East Carolina, at Georgia Tech, versus Virginia and versus Florida State) Austin was on the field for 258 of the 341 plays. This combination of endurance and size (6'3" 310) makes Austin extremely rare.

Double Team Machine: During the five games mentioned above Austin was doubled 52 of the 128 passing plays he participated in and 13 of the 37 Point-Of-Attack running plays.

Versatility: In the 5 games mentioned, Austin lined up at the Nose (zero technique) 110 times and the 2/3 technique 131 times. He even lined up in the 5 technique when UNC went 3-4.

Pass Rush Moves: Austin bull rushed 30 times, swim/ripped 27 times, and speed/variation 39 times. This skill set is rare for a big daddy in college.

Negative: Austin did not have the best stats in college (42 tackles, 6.0 tackles for losses, four sacks, three pass breakups, six quarterback pressures, one forced fumble and a fumble recovery). These stats become more reasonable, however, after one considers how many double teams he faced.

Bottom Line: Austin will make any team happy with his versatility and endurance. His production should continue to rise as he gets single-blocked more in the NFL.

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