Friday, September 16, 2011

Got Next: Anthony Johnson

The RFH Collective loves to see who is coming up the ranks in all of our favorite sports. That is why we created the "got next" segment. Check out the other players profiled, Bubba Starling, and Anthony Davis.
Typical Freshmen Year Picture
Last night LSU and Mississippi State had a typical SEC bloodbath where both teams made an average NFL team look soft. At one point, a MSU player seemed to be paralyzed on the field, but it didn't seem like anyone was phased in the slightest. Just another day in Starkville I guess.

Amidst this otherwise typical game, a defensive tackle on LSU caught my eye. He was over 300 pounds, got off the ball quicker than anyone on the field, and made a splash play that was astonishing. Just as I was about to look this kid up, the TV crew began singing his praises, in the process dropping that he was a true freshmen. 

In case you were wondering, the players name is Anthony Johnson and he most certainly has "got next". Coined the "freak" by Monte Kiffen as only a sophomore in high school, Johnson has the rare combination of size and skill that rarely comes along. He checks in at 6'3 310 pounds and has been clocked running a 4.8 forty.

In addition to having all of the physical tools, Johnson was the most productive defensive lineman in Louisiana high school history. He broke the all time sack record with 67.5 and put up the line of 129 tackles, 31 tackles for losses, and 17.5 sacks as a senior while playing defensive tackle. 

Johnson is currently part of a six man defensive tackle rotation, but look to next two years for him to establish himself as a top 10 pick in the 2014 draft. Here is a short video with interviews and highlights.


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