Thursday, September 8, 2011

NFL Division Preview: NFC North

Kiss the Ringzzz

In honor of the World Champion Green Bay Packers kicking things off tonight, we move to the NFC Norse for our next division preview...

1.) Who is the best player in the NFC North: Aaron Rodgers (GB), Calvin Johnson (DET), Julius Peppers (CHI) or Adrian Peterson (MIN)?

Dave Hendrie:  I love AP but I have to go with Rodgers based on the importance of his position.

Johnny HendrieThe top talent in the NFC North is obviously as good as it gets, not counting Tom Terrific. A top-3 WR, top-3 QB, top-3 pass rusher and the best running back alive. I first became aware of Peterson after seeing a special on him when he was still in high school. I declared that he was the best running back I had ever seen. Nothing has changed.

Scott Simon Aaron Rodgers is the best player in the entire league. I said it.

Sam WiddoesI have loved Julius since his Tar Heel days, and his resurgence in Chicago is a beauty to see, but Adrian Peterson is the best running back in the league still and top dog in the NFC North. 

2.) True or False: Green Bay is the odds on favorite to win the Superbowl?

DH:  False. I know they are set at every position, young, and the defending champs, but I have to say that putting them over the Steelers or Pats is silly talk.

JHYes. I'm a strong believer in teams holding the crown until they are officially defeated. Especially if they remain intact like Green Bay. New England and Pittsburgh have O-Line concerns which is worrisome for The Collective.

SSYes. Although it's so hard to defend a title. I don't think they are good value.

SW: That's question is probably better suited to a bookie, but I think it's green bay, new England and Pitt that are all neck and neck. I'll take any of them at 5-3.

3.) If you were an Offensive Lineman, who would you dread blocking the most: Suh (DET), Matthews (GB), Peppers (CHI) or Allen (MIN)?


DH:  I am pretty sure Matthews shouldn't count because a tight end could handle him. He is such a paper tiger I can't even stand it. Allen is off the juice so he is also not in the discussion. Even though he is a bit of a check collector (must have gotten it from his basketball experience), Peppers is my pick here. Suh might overtake him this year, but I hate him with all my being due to his egregiously dirty play. When is the media going to wake up and start hammering this guy?

JHJulius Peppers by a landslide. He was in the rotation of a contending UNC basketball team. Nobody on this list could come close to doing that. Need I say more?

SSProbably Jared Allen. I heard he doesn't shower.

SW: Suh or j pepp. I saw the Americas game for the pack last night where Clay predicted that Mendenhall would run toward him and he forced the fumble, but those d linemen are just too massive and agile to block.

4.) If Jay Cutler, Aaron Rodgers, Christian Ponder and Mathew Stafford walk into a bar, who leaves with the best looking girl?

DH:  Ponder. Stafford and Cutler like thick women and Rodgers is too low key. Ponder just got out of the game at FSU and is an absolute stud.

JHI'm going with CP7 and his Seminole swag. Cutler would get the unbearable, trashy girl. Rodgers would sit back and end up with the nice, successful girl.  And Stafford has a double chin so I don't think he's winning this competition.

SSRodgers. He's got the ring. And I read on the internet that girls like jewelry.

SWUnfortunately it's probably Cutler. I had a buddy in college who was good looking and just stared at girls when they talked like there was nothing in his brain and he cleaned up. I imagine Jay's game to be somewhat similar.

5.) Are the Lions actually turning themselves into a respectable franchise or will President Obama have to step in and admirably save these Detroit jobs as well?

DH: Hopefully the Lions will improve, otherwise President Obama will have to put them along his list of accomplishments including: saving the economy, saving healthcare, saving higher education, saving the auto industry, ending the Iraq war, killing Osama Bin Laden, bringing peace to the middle east (soon), revolutionizing american education, regulating the financial industry, ending don't ask don't tell......

JHJim Schwartz has quickly turned them into the Titans of the 2000's. Their D-Line is top notch and Cliff Avril is turning into a stud. Stafford needs to show his shoulder problems are not chronic.

SSThe Lions, and Obama, are a work in progress. To steal a line from the political arena, the results are "too soon to call."

SWI don't envision unemployment lines outside ford field anytime soon, but don't expect a ring on Stafford's finger for another three or four years either. There are a few big steps for that team to make yet.

It's worked before...

Wait he's there?

JH: Eric Wright, Detroit.  Eazy-E struggled last year with Cleveland but could still be a solid contributor in the right situation. 

SSLance Briggs is still in the Chicago.

SWMatt Spaeth, Chicago Bears.

Rookies to Watch:

DH: Nike Fairley. If he is anything like he was at Auburn watch out.

JH: Christian Ballard, Minnesota.  A very sturdy D-Lineman who could thrive with the talent surrounding him in Minny.

SSGabe Carimi (OT) Bears. (Editor's note: Shocker.)


DHPackers, Lions, Bears, Vikings

JHPackers, Lions, Vikings, Bears

Packers, Lions, Bears, Vikings

SW: Packers.

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